About Us

During a recent sun-drenched Wexford summer, Tara Glen is over 25 years old with a large number of its early members still enjoying the ‘special magic’ that TG seems to have in abundance. We have also seen the arrival of third generation residents, young couples wanting the same freedom and safe adventure for their children as they themselves enjoyed during their childhood summers in ‘the Glen’.

Tara Glen has evolved steadily since its inception in the mid eighties and since 1992 its members wholly own Tara Glen plc; the golf course, assets and lands owned by the company. Members of the board of management and various development, golf and social committees are elected residents. TG provides full time and seasonal local employment, including a permanent Manager, Greenkeeper, Groundsman and a variety of support staff. Our ‘hands on’ approach guarantees the ongoing development of the company, the protection of its assets and the total control of our own destiny to ensure that we continue to provide the best facilities for our members, their families and guests to enjoy.

We are constantly upgrading and updating our treasured facility. Each year has seen the introduction of some new feature, or the enhancement of an existing facility, ensuring Tara Glen Golf & Country Club continues to be ‘the best’ of the best.

We are part of the local Ballymoney community and are grateful for their support and welcoming friendship. We run a number of events each year to raise funds for deserving local and national charities and are proud to support local events.

We are proud of everything that we have achieved over the years and will always remain welcoming and friendly, as we are very aware of how fortunate we are to be a part of Tara Glen Golf & Country Club. We are especially grateful for the lifelong friends we’ve made in TG and look forward to the friends we’ll make as new families continue to join us…

 Perhaps that could be you?