A few things from me,

1. This is a new communication tool,so if someone has mentioned they have not recieved this email can you ask them to contact me with the email they want to use (remember if you have an email no longer in use please let me know)

2. There was a board meeting last week and chairperson Eileen will send out an update this week.

3. The website is being re-launched, and alot of background work is under way. We really could do with some reviews of Tara glen from a shareholders perspective.
If you have the time please could you or your children send in a review.

4. Please email if you require a;(A) deck & mobile clean (100)
(B) Spring clean (15 per hr)
(C) Gas Check (80 +vat)
(D) Electric check (80+vat)
(E) Change of gas regulator (price determined on what is needed to be done – sometimes its the piping that needs changing not the regulator)Please note you will receive a sage invoice for extras that have not been included on your annual invoice.

5. Thanks to all those who have paid into the insurance scheme.
Please note the premium must be paid by this friday the 16th April in order to be included as we are settling final amount with FBD next week.

6. Please see the following communication from the lady captain regarding new proccess of staffing for the golf shop;

New Process for Staffing of shop in 2021:

This year we are having a change in process in relation to the staffing of the golf shop.  We are looking for 2/3  people  who must be available throughout the season for approximately 15 hours per week. It is open to all students (2nd and 3rd level).  We need someone with leadership skills, attention to detail and accountability skills.  Those interested in applying for this position, should complete the attached Application Form and forward directly to Pauline by 26th April 2021.

This is due to a number of issues including ongoing covid restriction, new label machine/computer in shop and an increase in recent years around number of competitions (35 hours per week) so we are now required to deal with applications in line with the criteria for working in the Den or Bar work, which is as follows:

New Process :
  1. Complete the attached form and return to Pauline who will forward it to the Ladies‘  Committee
  2. Interviews to be conducted and staff selected
  3. Selected staff will be managed by a member of the Ladies’ Committee
Anyone who has already applied under the previous process should reapply under this new system.
Warm Regards,
Elaine Rossiter
Lady Captain


7. You will have received an electronic version of the diary 2021 when your annual invoice was emailed to you. There are plenty of hard copies, which will be available in the office,bar and golf shop when you get down.
However if you would like one posted too, please let me know.Hopefully lockdown will end sometime soon, we are getting ready for you!