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Weekly Newsletter 18th June 2021

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1. Please do what you can to support Captains Charity. There are some great raffle prizes that have come in. Enjoy the event it raises funds for 2 great charities. Win Win.

2. 🐞🐞Save the Date – 8th of July🐞🐞

Ladybirds is back and is taking place on July 8th!

For those of you that don’t know Ladybirds is a golf competition where the main aim is to have fun! It is an ideal start for beginners and visitors are welcome.

You are only allowed use 3 clubs, you play off the junior tees and everyone is dressed up (Ladybird outfits or red and black)!

The sign up sheet on Master Scoreboard will open on the 1st of July.

So no one goes home empty handed we ask everyone taking part to bring a wrapped prize worth a MAX €10 on the day. 🎁

More details to follow
Lisa and Evelyn 🐞🐞🐞

3. The Bunker Bar opens from 5pm today. The Pizza oven will be lit and Dillon will be on duty. He has some experience so I am confident that we will be off to a good start.  Martin is offering a prize for the staff member that can toss a pizza by the end of the season!! All we need is a burst of ‘O Solo Mio’ and sure you could be on the Italian Riviera – in fairness its as close as many of will get for a while so needs must!
We open 11pm on Saturday and the tuck shop opens from 1 -4 – these are all new staff that will be learning to use the till so be patient as they grasp how things operate. On Sunday we open from 1.

4. Following on from Eileen’s update from the Board meeting this week I will post the H&S recommendations that have been made for you as mobile home owners – over to you – I will let you know if there is a provider for a particular service on site and you can book in as required.

5. As most of you are aware Felim McGuinness has done trojan work over the years. Next week we are going to create a ‘work plan’ for each of the areas that he has managed over the years and we are looking for shareholders to ‘adopt’ an area and look after it with Felim’s blessing and guidance.. We will make each area small and manageable so it should not require too much effort. My love of gardening and golf are on par but I have been informed that both can be enjoyable, rewarding and uplifting.  Can you let me know if you are interested and I will be in touch.

6. Fishmonger Jason (0874135272 – incorrect no last week – apologies) cake lady Annie 0857875892 and flower lady Carmel 0879340083 are in Tara Glen from 230pm tomorrow. All have donated to the Captains charity so thanks to them for that.