Weekly Newsletter 25th June

1. Well done to the Captains on their very successful charity weekend. They will be in touch once they have a final figure. Thank you to the Board for supplying the burgers and beers on the 10th, Roisin for preparation of same and Martin being the runner.

2.The Bunker bar is open from 5pm tonight.  There will be food available  –  served on the bar Veranda – if you are interested please book a space with Martin on 0872345647.  Open sat and Sun from 11am until it gets too cold!
The tuck shop will be open tomorrow for younger visitors  12-5.

3. Fish, cakes and flowers available on Saturday as usual now. Veg, fruit and eggs can be ordered from the Gorey market (see link to produce list)  and delivered to Tara Glen. I can personally vouch for the quality – I use the market all the time.

Veg & Fruit List  

Also Bombay Pantry  recently launch a new exciting BBQ Box. It is a delicious selection of marinated meats, kebabs, spicy chicken wings along with fresh slaw, salads and naan flatbreads. It feeds 4-5 people (€55) and is now available for collection on Friday and Saturday in the sunny South East from Hughes Foodmarket Ballymoney. It is available to order through Click and Collection, see link below;


4. The Health and Safety report for mobile owners is now on the website. I can assure you that I am tackling a much bigger one for the Plc but am just taking bite size pieces. I appreciate that H&S can feel a bit OTT – but the end point is that we are trying to ensure there are no incidents that could be avoided – I have to keep reminding myself as I trudge through!! The company we are working with are very patient and fair so that helps a lot. Eileen and Paddy MacNamara are the representatives at Board Level.


5. Last weekend a shareholder had an emergency situation. If I am not on site then I would ask you to contact me by what’s app. I have absolutely no signal in my house and often don’t know if I have missed a call until I drive out onto the main road the next day.
In addition in a genuine emergency situation we work as a team and Tim 087 648 0478,  Paul K 087 053 0227  can be contacted – you should have their numbers in your phone. Please contact security in the first incidence 0870568037 From 4th July I will be sending out the times they are on site.

6. Last but by no means least is a reminder to ALL that casual golf should be booked through Masterscoreboard.
The golf member or shareholder should sign their guests in – which includes any children over 21 that are not 7 day members. All of these should be paying green fees.

Tim is in top form (rare I know!!) new pole flags have arrived – they have been on order since NOVEMBER – Brexit!!!