Dear All.

Well that caught us all off guard! I think the Taoiseach knew it was Tom Coffey’s 89th birthday this week so gave us all a present. Happy Birthday Tom we will see you for a pint soon.

My concern now is that we are all so used to complaining about lockdown  – whatever will we replace that void in our lives with? Hopefully, nothing in Tara Glen, we have all been working flat out to prepare for what we thought would be our way of operating this Summer. Opening again has required a bit of imagination, a great team (who at this stage want to run for the hills when I say ‘I have an idea!’) and plenty of money – I am confident  you will agree that the spend is justified.  ‘You are worth it

1. Please see the message from Karen Gunnell who is working with Garreth Collins to allow members to book casual golf from master scoreboard

We are introducing Master Scoreboard for all competition and casual golf booking this year. To enable this to happen, we would like to register all residents who DO NOT have a handicap on our system and would like to play golf. This includes the casual golfer (adult and children) and juniors who play in the junior NON-QUALIFYING competitions e.g. yellow tees and the red non-qualifying competitions. It also includes the younger family members who play in the family scramble. We want to register everyone so they can be included in a Master Scoreboard booking.

To this, please click on the link below for each person to be added.

Register with Master Scoreboard  PLEASE ACTION.

2. You may be aware that we are updating the website – some of the photos have been uploaded on our google my business page if you would like to have a preview.  The new website should be ready to launch mid May and will bring Tara Glen into the 21st century.

Find Out More

3. I am looking for any photos you would be prepared to donate for a ‘Tara Glen through the ages display.’ Birthdays, sportsdays, prize givings, captains days, golf course, bar photos – etc   Anything that you may have in boxes that never see the light of day – if you could write the approx date on the back I will group them. This will be on a wall in the Bunker Bar Area  – so you are among friends. I am particularly interested in getting some that capture the early days in Tara Glen. Postcode here is Y25R5C6 if you are posting them down. I cannot guarantee you will get them back so be mindful of that.  PLEASE ACTION

4.  We have had recycling skips contaminated with bottles, mattresses, bed frames and furniture. Please can you or anyone working  / staying in your mobile call Paul on 0870530227 if you have anything other than general domestic waste to get rid of – we use different skips for that.

5. Please don’t leave tasks that you want done till the last minute – deck / mobile clean, spring clean, windows, gas and electric checks – it will be busy once the park opens and we simply may not be able to accomodate last minute requests.

6. The Board have a zoom meeting next Thursday. Eileen will send out an update after.

In the meantime enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend and we will see you after the 10th of May.