Dear All.

There is an air of nervous anticipation as we prepare for the onslaught next week.

As you are aware intercounty travel is permitted from the 10th May Monday and we are looking forward to seeing you ….BUT a request as we have 2 new mobiles coming in on Monday morning and there will be no access in or out of Tara Glen by car from 7am to about 4pm. if you can leave your trip down until Tuesday or later in the week that would be most helpful. If you do need to get here Monday you will need to park off site and walk in. One of the new mobiles is the first on the left as you drive in so that whole portion will be blocked off. Best of luck to the residents in their new homes – may they make many happy memories. There is another mobile due on site Friday 14th May so if you can avoid coming to and from Tara Glen between 7 and 3pm that would be much appreciated..

Please see the attached communication from the Captains  regarding opening, forthcoming competitions and conditions of play. I have also attached a PDF of the 2021 diary.

The Board made a decision last year to work with a H&S company. The company that I am working with are very pragmatic and fair in their approach. Ultimately they will review and make recommendations for all our practices in the Park. They will also make recommendations for residents as appropriate which I will pass onto you. So when opening up they recommend that you run hot water through the system for twenty minutes – this will sanitize your system – the fear here is Legionnaires disease. They have also made a recommendation that gas bottles should be stored securely in a wire cage that is fixed to the unit. I will do some research into the cost of this and get back to you. 

Casual Golf should now be booked on masterscoreboard by all. Could members please note that they should book guests in under Guest 1, Guest 2 etc. as we have to have a way of complying with regulations for contact tracing. All guests should be paying green fees. casual golf may only be booked a week in advance. A lot of effort has gone into making this available and any feedback on the system can be sent to

Thanks to those that have responded and sent in old photos – could do with more particularly those that capture the ‘old day’s’

I am aware that the dog population of Tara Glen is set to increase significantly this year. So from the start and in consideration to all, please , can dog owners refamiliarize themselves with the followings rules
1. DOGS SHOULD BE ON LEADS AT ALL TIMES IN THE PARK. Yes even your dog that is no trouble, old  etc. – WE HAVE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS – not even millionaires row where giving dogs a run has become and may be an attractive option. Please bring them to the beach or woods of which we are blessed to have in abundance.
2. You must pick up your dog waste and if you allow small children to walk a dog they should have waste bags and ……………. wait for it ………….know how to use them.
3. Dogs should only be kept in a mobile or on the deck. No leaving dogs on extending leads off the deck.
4. If your dog is a yapper or a barker in your absence then you must have it minded or bring it with you when you leave.

Thanks in advance for your help with the population crises.

There was a Board meeting last night and Eileen will send out a communication early next week.

Pauline Mooney
General Manager