Hello all family scramblers!

This year we will be using master scoreboard for All scramble bookings.

The first family scramble of the season is now live for booking on masterscoreboard !

Being the first one of the year it’s live for a week to allow bookings and since it is on the bank holiday Monday!

From now on the time sheet will go live as per previous years at 5pm each Saturday before the Sunday scramble!

Any member of your scramble team with access To the system can log on and book in registered children and adults, and also use the guests to book in any children or adults not registered on the system.

Any questions about handicaps call me or drop me a text! General rule is children on yellow tees are 45 handicap and play yellow tees in scramble, those off red tees without official handicaps are off 36 on ladies tees and kids with official handicaps can check master scoreboard for their handicaps and play off ladies /men’s tees as appropriate.

As the competitions progress the winners will accept a one shot reduction in their handicap! I will have a sheet with the rules and how the handicap system works available on the day!

Happy scrambling / Sqauabbling ☺

Clíona Collins


We are introducing Master Scoreboard for all competition and casual golf booking this year. To enable this to happen, we would like to register all residents who DO NOT have a handicap on our system and would like to play golf. This includes the casual golfer (adult and children) and juniors who play in the junior NON-QUALIFYING competitions e.g. yellow tees and the red non-qualifying competitions. It also includes the younger family members who play in the family scramble. We want to register everyone so they can be included in a Master Scoreboard booking.

To this, please click on the link below for each person to be added.

Register Here