Dear All,

First things first – thank you for cooperating with regard to site access on Monday.  All went well, both mobiles are in situ looking fantastic.
The mobile due in this Friday has been delayed so there will be no problem with access to the site.  

I am sure the following will be well received.  We will be operating a take-away service from The Bunker Bar on Friday from 5 till close – in house pizza will be available.
Please note that under COVID regulations this must be a STRICT take away service so tables will be set up behind my office until the 7th June. 
Roisin will be in the kitchen from 10 – 4 on Saturday (offering a (breakfast special, toasted special or pizza for take away) Please pre order in the golf shop before you go out, particularly those on the afternoon slots as she will be off site from 4.

There are new speed ramps from the road to the clubhouse. Those from the road to the gate have been painted and are clearly visible. The ones from the gate in are not painted yet and that job may not be done until next week – so please take care with the undercarriage of your car.. Trust me we will all be sick of them by the end of the Summer BUT they most definitely will reduce speed on that thoroughfare which is so important given the number of children we have on site.

Golf – The golf course is being sprayed for daisies on Friday. All golfers should have a sandbag with them – and use it please – under COVID regulations you should have your own -3 euro from the office or golf shop. You need to come prepared as the sandboxes do not have scoops (because of COVID)
Please note that anyone using the golf course for casual golf must be signed in – we are obliged to have this information for contact tracing  – and for the protection of staff none of whom are vaccinated.
The latest report from STP is attached. 

I know many of you are aware of the fact that Courtown Woods are in the process of being sold to a developer. There is a local campaign against this and they would appreciate as much support as possible. It would be a loss of an amenity that many Tara Glenners have enjoyed over the years.

save woods info

Can I remind all of you that Paul is the maintenance man for Tara Glen. He is being asked to do some jobs that are not under his remit. There is no problem turning water on or those favors to get you up and running. Equally Tony is a private provider and should be paid for any work done – they are both gentle giants and Tara Glen would be lost without them but please don’t abuse their good nature.
There are a number of windows in sheds that have been damaged over the winter – there is a glazier on site this week so let me know if yours needs to be repaired.

The Coastal path from the gate by the clubhouse has been seriously eroded and is gone in one section. I have locked this gate for the time being as a matter of safety. – the walkway down to the Dodds rock gate has had a revamp and looks great.

New Facebook Group

We have created a facebook group for Tara Glen members to join. Any quick or last minute communications would be going on here.

TG Facebook Group